Upravit stránku

The Czech Republic has always been famous for its aviation enthusiasts, early adopters, sports heads and even patriots who joined foreign armies, mostly RAF, during the WWII.

The air is our see! This marketing and campaigning claim articulated the future of our country and changed the lives of many then-young enthusiasts enjoying their sailplanes glides of 20 seconds.



Many years of the traditions we usefull use to produce the most modern aircraft in the world. Since the beginning of our development , we place great emphasis on safety, timeless design and practical design solutions side- by-side . These elements we are combining in the development of a universal two-seater airplane named Ellipse -Spirit.

How did it all start? It's almost ten years since a young man with his head still in the clouds got a great idea - to design an exceptionally light aircraft, totally different from all in this times. Early on, he had a clear - it must be a plane with an elliptical shape. He and a group of ardent enthusiasts began the story of Ellipse Spirit. They spent hundreds of hours designing the form of aircraft. The first machine was made in 2011. Subsequently, passed all sorts of tests and the current ultra-light version gained DULV certificate.

If you own Ellipse Spirit, you chose your new lifestyle professing sports performance and exceptional distinction in the form of a functional design. When developing Ellipse Spirit we have come a long way, join us and become a part of the future.