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If you own an aircraft Ellipse Spirit, you are automatically part of the customers to whom we provide first-class service in first class quality.

Our service center is waiting for you by trained personnel who carry out any tasks related to your requirements . Our aircraft maintenance Ellipse -Spirit meets the highest standards , which are already reflected in their production. Our service network has full access to the technical documentations and use a factory approved procedures . All this to achieve the highest possible quality of service work. Except to general maintenance, we provide avionics upgrade, customer service, distribution of spare parts, aircraft painting, etc. as well.

Service centers - contact

In addition to the authorized service centers we offer professionals of Ellipse –Spirit from our factory, who are available for technical and operational advice. Technical Support Team has the operation UL and LSA aircraft extensive experience. Technicer with large knowledge in this field will be able to answer any questions regarding the design of aircraft, avionics, electrical circuit , etc. You can be assured that all your questions will be addressed to your satisfaction.