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We know some enthusiasts like to do things their way. E-LSA is delivered with retractable gear and an 8.6m  wing-span.

It will be appreciated by:

  • high-speed enthusiasts,
  • travellers who love travelling long distances,
  • those, who love to do things on their own.







  • Technical data

    E-LSA (RG)

    Wing Span

    8.6 m (28.22 ft)


    6.55 m (21.49 ft)


    2.02 m (6.63 ft)

    Wing surfaces

    10.34  m2 (111.25 ft²)

    Specific empty weight (with BRS and safety fuel cells) 

    339 kg (747 lbs)

    Maximum take-off Weight

    600 kg (1323 lbs)

    Maximum luggage weight

    25 kg (55 lbs)

    Standard Fuel Capacity

    120 l (32 US gal)

  • Performance


    Stall speed Vso (in landing configuration)

    68 km/hr (36 kts)

    Minimum approach speed

    81 km/hr (44 kts)

    Maximum cruise speed Vh

    265 km/hr (143 kts)

    Maximum speed Vne

    315 km/hr (170 kts)

    Max. climb rate at MTOW

    7.5 m/s (1480 fpm)

    Max, cruise range and endurance (economy speed) 

    1800 km (972 nm)/ 9,25 hrs

  • Notes
    1. Safety is the keyword in everything we do, and that is why your E-LSA Ellipse Spirit will include the preparations for the rescue system, and the wigs will be provided with the anti-crash fuel cells and a fixed slot in the leading edge.
    2. E-LSA is designed for a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.
    3. Based on your specification, we pre-install long-range fuel tanks.
    4. All the performance data is measured using the LSA version with ROTAX 912 ULS.
    5. The performance was measured during the certification flights using the plane with standard fuel cells.
  • Delivery
    1. The plane could be delivered on many levels of preparations.
    2. Part of the delivery is, of course, the assembly manual with detailed instructions to finish the plane.
    3. Contact us for details.

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