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LSA version of  Ellipse Spirit comes with fixed landing gear and an 8.6m wingspan.

The main advantages are:

  • robust plane,
  • bigger wingspan,
  • comfortable seats - easy to adjust for long distance flights,
  • control stick or sidesticks,
  • possibility to modify it to the towing plane.







  • Technical data

    LSA (8,6 m span)

    Wing Span

    8.6 m (28.22 ft)


    6.55 m (21.49 ft)


    2.02 m (6.63 ft)

    Wing surfaces

    10.34  m2 (111.30 ft²)

    Specific empty weight (with BRS and safety fuel cells) 

    324 kg (714 lbs)

    Maximum take-off Weight

    600 kg (1323 lbs)

    Maximum luggage weight

    25 kg (55 lbs)

    Standard Fuel Capacity

    120 l (32 US gal

  • Performance


    Stall speed Vso (in landing configuration)

    62 km/hr (33 kts)

    Minimum approach speed

    78 km/hr (42 kts)

    Maximum cruise speed Vh

    250 km/hr (135 kts)

    Maximum Speed Vne

    315 km/hr (170 kts)

    Maximum climb rate at MTOM

    6.4 m/s (1260 fpm)

    Maximum Cruise Range and Endurance (economy speed) 

    1060 km (572 nm)/ 5.3 hrs

  • Notes
    1. Passive crew safety is our priority, that is why Ellipse Spirit includes the rescue system already in the basic version together with the anti-crash fuel cells and a fixed slot in the leading edge (weight aprox. 25 kg).
    2. All versions are designed for maximum take off weight of 600 kg.
    3. Depends on used fuel tank - all information apply for anti crash fuel cells from production of Merin (Italy).
    4. On request of a customer, it is possible to install additional fuselage fuel tank for long flights, ranging from 20 l (5 US gal) to 60 l (16 US gal).
    5. Values for UL version with Rotax 912 ULS / LSA with UL Power 350iS.
    6. Performance shown with 45 minutes reserves and standard fuel cells.
    7. Cruise Range and Endurance of version S-LSA RG may be extended up to 2700 km (1450 nm / 14,24 hrs) by using the additional fuselage fuel tank with volume of 60l (16 US gal).
  • Delivery


    • ROTAX 912 ULS2 - 100 hp (TBO 2.000 hours) including slipper clutch or UL POWER 350i
    • Oil installation with thermostat
    • Auxiliary electrical fuel pump + AIRBATT LiFePO4
    • Airbox
    • High performances INOX exhaust system
    • 3 blades, manually adjustable propeller (eProps, Durandal 170)


    • Analogue back up package of flight instruments (57 mm): airspeed indicator, altimeter, skid/slip ball, compass
    • KANARDIA DIGI (mini DAQUE) - EMS (OT, CHT, fuel level, RPM, MAP, TRIM, AMPs, VOLT)
    • Electronic Flap controller FLYBOX


    • 100% carbon fibre composite airframe, honeycomb and airex foam sandwich panels
    • 90 litre (2x45L) integral wing fuel tanks with drain valve and double L&R refuelling point
    • Adjustable ergonomic seats made of aramid composite with comfortable 4-point seat belts
    • Anti UV tinted canopy with sliding windows and pop-out air scoop - Josef Weiss Plastic
    • Aramid cockpit design for more crew safety with large luggage compartment incl. cargo net
    • GoldFren lightweight wheels and brakes
    • Dual aeroplane control: classical sticks 
    • Rescue ballistic parachute system (472,5 kg UL version)
    • Electric elevator trim system and PTT switches on sticks 
    • Electrically operated landing flaps 
    • Fixed slots in wing tips
    • Fuel selector 
    • Gap-sealing tapes on control surfaces (elevator, rudder, ailerons)
    • Steerable nose wheel on the rudder pedal
    • Hand operated hydraulic brakes with parking brake
    • Retractable gear alarm
    • Two wingtip fixing points for parking outside
    • White paint scheme


    • A pilot in command change to the RIGHT position
    • Dual aeroplane control: side-sticks
    • Compass indication Southern hemisphere
    • Plexiglas tinted canopy  (Clear, Blue, Gary, Green) - as per your specification
    • Comfort version of the canopy - more headroom space (up to pilots 2.06m)
    • Cruise version of the canopy  - more aerodynamically shaped (up to pilots 1.84m)


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