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Ellipse Spirit UL is delivered with a fixed landing. This version allows the pilot to sit more upright and the students will appreciate an excellent view without any obstacles. The comfort of the plane makes the students and pilots feel safe, and the learning curve is fast.

It is best suited for:

  • clubs,
  • flying schools,
  • occasional pilots,
  • lovers of simplicity and efficiency,
  • and those who require a heavy duty plane.






  • Technical data

    Ellipse Spirit - model UL

    Wing Span

    8 m (26.25 ft)


    6.55 m (21.49 ft)


    2,02 m (6.63 ft)

    Wing surfaces

    9.48  m2 (102 ft²)

    Specific empty weight (with BRS and safety fuel cells) 

    294 kg (648 lbs)

    Maximum take-off Weight

    472,5 kg (1042 lbs)

    Maximum luggage weight

    25 kg (55 lbs)

    Standard Fuel Capacity

    80 l (21 US gal)


  • Performance


    Stall speed Vso (in landing configuration)

    62 km/hr (33 kts)

    Minimum approach speed

    78 km/hr (42 kts)

    Maximum cruise speed Vh

    250 km/hr (135 kts)

    Maximum Speed Vne

    315 km/hr (170 kts)

    Max. climb rate at MTOW 

    6,4 m/s (1260 fpm)

    Max Cruise Range and Endurance (economy speed) 

    1060 km (572 nm)/ 5,3 hrs

  • Notes
    1. Safety is the keyword in everything we do, and that is why Ellipse Spirit includes the rescue system in the standard version together with the anti-crash fuel cells and a fixed slot in the leading edge.
    2. All versions are designed for a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.
    3. On request, it is possible to install long-range fuel tanks. We can increase the volume of the tanks from 20 l (5 US gal) to 60 l (16 US gal).
    4. All the data is measured using the UL version with ROTAX 912 ULS.
    5. The performance was measured during the certification flights using the plane with standard fuel cells.
  • Standard delivery


    • ROTAX 912 ULS2 - 100 HP(TBO 2.000 hours) includes slipper clutch
    • Oil installation with thermostat
    • Auxiliary electrical fuel pump + AIRBATT LiFePO4
    • Airbox
    • High performances INOX exhaust system
    • 3 blades, manually adjustable propeller (eProps, Durandal 170)


    • Analogue back up package of flight instruments (57 mm): airspeed indicator, altimeter, skid/slip ball, compass
    • KANARDIA DIGI (mini DAQUE) - EMS (OT, CHT, fuel level, RPM, MAP, TRIM, AMPs, VOLT)
    • Electronic Flap controller FLYBOX


    • 100% carbon fibre composite airframe, honeycomb and airex foam sandwich panels
    • 90 litre (2x45L) integral wing fuel tanks with drain valve and double L&R refuelling point
    • Adjustable ergonomic seats made of aramid composite with comfortable 4-point seat belts
    • Anti UV tinted canopy with sliding windows and pop-out air scoop - Josef Weiss Plastic
    • Aramid cockpit design for more crew safety with large luggage compartment incl. cargo net
    • GoldFren lightweight wheels and brakes
    • Dual aeroplane control: classical sticks 
    • Rescue ballistic parachute system (472,5 kg UL version)
    • Electric elevator trim system and PTT switches on sticks 
    • Electrically operated landing flaps 
    • Fixed slots in wing tips
    • Fuel selector 
    • Gap-sealing tapes on control surfaces (elevator, rudder, ailerons)
    • Steerable nose wheel on the rudder pedal
    • Hand operated hydraulic brakes with parking brake
    • Two wingtip fixing points for parking outside
    • White paint scheme


    • A pilot in command change to the RIGHT position
    • Dual aeroplane control: side-sticks
    • Compass indication Southern hemisphere
    • Plexiglas tinted canopy  (Clear, Blue, Gary, Green) - as per specification
    • Comfort version of the canopy - more headroom space (up to pilots 2,06m)
    • Cruise version of the canopy  - more aerodynamically shaped (up to pilots 1,84m)


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ROTAX 915 iS

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